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slide1.png  BIO-Flash® Analyzer
BIO-Flash® is a Rapid-Response Chemiluminescent Analyzer for Autoimmunity.  It is a full menu, random access analyzer that eliminates batch testing and has excellent throughput with up to 450 results in a single shift.  The BIO-Flash® offers precise quantification and a broad dynamic range using chemiluminescent technology, onboard reagents and stable calibration curves to make even the most specialized testing easy to perform.
slide2.png  NOVA-View® Digital IFA System
A new paradigm in IFA analysis and automation using digital technology and proprietary algorithms to capture light intensity and create digital images for review.  Coupled with QUANTA-Link® Data Management and NOVA-Lite® barcoded slides, NOVA-View increases productivity while helping provide more consistent results.



slide3.png  QUANTA-Link® Integrated Workflow  
QUANTA-Link® - Workflow Management Made Easy!  A powerful, easy-to-use workflow management system that gives you immediate control of all your autoimmune sample processing.  From worklist generation and result confirmation to quality control and data search functions, this LIS compatible system maximizes laboratory productivity and profitability.



Illumi.png   illumigene® System
Introducing illumigene® - the smart evolution in molecular testing.  Meridian Biosciences has combined Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) technology with a unique set of features to create Illumigene®.  Illumigene® reduces the complexity of molecular testing making it simple, fast and flexible.  With its small footprint and elegant design, it elminates the need for costly capital equipment and fits easily into any lab or budget.



 QL160.png                                        QL2.jpg
    QUANTA-Lyser® 160 or 240                                       QUANTA-Lyser® 2
The QUANTA-Lyser® family of instruments are the most flexible and efficient platforms for EIA and IFA processing, with three different models to meet the volume requirements of any laboratory.  QUANTA-Lyser® is a walk-away automated system that communicates effortlessly with QUANTA-Link® to improve workflow efficiencies and quality control.



      MPR.png           MPW.png             MPS.png           

                            STAT Fax® Microplate Range 
The STAT Fax® range by AWARENESS Technology Inc. includes microplate Readers, Washers and Shakers.  Instruments are fully automated, user-programmable, open systems which are compact and easy to operate, suitable for any modern laboratory.
CMPR.png     ChroMate® Microplate Reader
ChroMate® is a user-programmable, open system, 8-channel microplate reader.  It's streamlined design and minimal footprint offers superb optics and provides rapid, precise absorbance readings.  ChroMate's® versatile and flexible software enables on-board calculations for point-to-point, linear and log regressions and log logit modes.